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Meet Paige and Chris

Paige Phung, Founder, Dental Hygienist & Skincare Specialist

“My goal is to take the fear out of visiting the dentist. I want to create a calming, gentle experience, whether it’s a routine check-up or an invasive procedure.”As a true Adelaidian, Paige is a highly driven business woman who uses her head and heart to offer the optimal boutique dental spa for her patients. With a Bachelor of Pharmacy and Advanced Diploma of Oral Health (Dental Hygiene) from the University of South Australia and Tafe SA, Paige knew working in pharmacy for 10 years was not her passion:

“Adelaide Dental Spa was born from my two passions - excellence in dentistry & oral care and effective skincare solutions.”

Paige is qualified in providing facial and skin care treatments having undertaken further training within the Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy.

“Your teeth, your smile, your skin, your face, your confidence; it is all interconnected. I want to create a space all ages can enjoy coming to the dentist and look forward to their next visit.”
Knowing the key to confidence starts with a smile but doesn’t end there, Paige believes in kindness, cares deeply and values honesty so patients quickly become part of the dental family. With a patient focus approach to her work – and a medispa that invites you to take care of yourself; she hopes to empower you to be your best self

“To me, this means spending more time getting to know you, focusing on authentic relationships, ensuring each visit is gentle and comfortable, and always showing kindness.”

Paige has experienced firsthand what misaligned teeth can do to a young person’s self-confidence, as she suffered teasing for her own crooked teeth. Eventually, she had the opportunity to straighten her teeth with braces, which gave her a great confidence boost.

“I hope to empower you to take charge and be happy with your oral health, skin health, inner wellness and ultimately your self confidence.”

Focusing on educating patients on good oral care practices, Paige loves helping patients regain their confidence and build a connection with them to ensure they’re comfortable and relaxed with each visit.

Chris Phung, Managing Director

The leader of the Adelaide Dental Spa family: Chris! A smiling face no matter what, Chris’s genuine spirit and kind heart is why patients love coming back time and time again. Growing up around the dentistry and oral care industry, with a mother and sister both dentists themselves, Chris knows the value of hard work and friendly customer service.

With a degree in Pharmacy from the University of South Australia, his interests in medical professions and business management has allowed him to put Adelaide Dental Spa on the map. You’ll find Chris saying his favourite motto “happy wife, happy life” with a cheeky smile as he looks to his wife and life partner Paige.

Outside of the Practice

Outside of the spa, Chris loves spending time with Paige and their three children, and also has a passion for table tennis. Chat with Chris at your next appointment at Adelaide Dental Spa, he looks forward to welcoming you!

Learn more about Chris when you visit us for your next appointment—he looks forward to welcoming you to our practice.


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