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Porcelain Veneers at Adelaide Dental Spa

Illustration of dental veneerDental veneers help enhance the way your smile looks, by masking the teeth behind them. At Adelaide Dental Spa, we frequently use veneers to correct the appearance of things like:

  • Discoloration
  • Tooth misalignment
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Chipped or irregular enamel

Dental veneers have a profound impact on the overall look of your smile when used across each of your front teeth. If you’re unhappy with the shape or colour of your tooth enamel, then cosmetic veneers may be the best treatment option available.

“How Many Veneers Will I Need?”

For a better-looking smile, most people need at least six veneers across their upper front teeth. However, if your smile is wider or more teeth show when you’re smiling or laughing, you may need more than that. We usually do not place veneers on the lower front teeth, except in limited circumstances, because there is risk of them chipping when they hit behind the upper teeth.

A dental veneer can be “direct” or “indirect”.

Direct veneers are shaped by hand and applied to your tooth in just one appointment. They’re made of composite, which is similar to tooth coloured fillings. Although same-day veneers are quite cost effective, they are not as durable or long lasting as porcelain designs are.

Indirect veneers are made from porcelain and designed in a lab so that they last longer. They require two appointments: the prep visit and the final application. Porcelain tends to look more natural and is more durable compared to same-day veneers. The downside is that they cost a bit more and require a second visit to complete.

It’s natural to feel a little anxious about having dental work completed. But we want you to feel as relaxed as possible! To help you feel at ease, we offer a gentle medication that provides a calm sedative effect for a few hours or more. You take it about an hour before your appointment, giving enough time for the medication to take effect.

Although you’re completely awake, it might feel more like you’re taking a light nap or dreaming. Most people don’t remember the visit, because of the amnesic effect of the medication. Since it’s a sedative, you’ll need to have someone drive you to and home from your appointment.

To help your veneers last as long as possible, it’s important to practice good daily hygiene. Gently brush along your gums at least twice per day to remove plaque from the edges of your veneers. Additionally, it’s crucial to floss daily to reach the areas between your teeth and just under the gumlines. If too much bacteria accumulates around the margin of your veneers, it can cause decay to develop underneath them, resulting in failure of the restoration.

We also recommend wearing a night guard while you sleep, to prevent chipping or fractures if you grind your teeth.

Are Veneers Right for You?

Book a consultation for dental veneers Port Adelaide to find out if you qualify. We’ll provide you with appropriate options to choose from.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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