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At Adelaide Dental Spa, one of our primary goals is to create awareness about the critical nature of early dental health maintenance. This means that paediatric dentistry is critical for preventing and treating dental problems during youth. Even if your child is one year old or older, they should see a Semaphore Dental paediatric dentist. It is suggested that your child see a paediatric dentist near you on a regular basis once they hit the age of one or when their first teeth erupt—whichever comes first—to begin their journey towards lifelong oral health. Here are some statistics emphasising the importance of early oral health care for children, as well as some ideas to help you get more active in the process.

Tooth decay and cavities are the most prevalent paediatric diseases:

That is correct. Children’s most prevalent disorders are tooth-related! As a result, you must arrange routine dental visits for your child in Semaphore Dental as soon as you observe their teeth developing or as soon as it reaches their first birthday. Your child should see the dentist near Birkenhead at least two times a year for expert dental cleanings and checkups to guarantee early detection and treatment of any tooth problems that may develop.

Begin Oral Hygiene at a Young Age:

Many parents feel they are not responsible for their child’s oral health until their teeth have sprouted; however, this is not the case. It would be best if you gently brushed your child’s gums with a warm towel until their teeth start to erupt. As soon as teeth begin to appear, wash their teeth using an infant toothbrush and a very small amount of child-friendly toothpaste. This will maintain kids healthy teeth till their first appointment with a dentist in your area.

Eliminate the Pacifier:

Utilising a pacifier specifically after the age of two can have a negative impact on your child’s oral health in the long run. It may alter their bite, resulting in overbite or crossbite. To rectify these issues, intensive therapy and visits to an orthodontist are required.

Fluoride is Required:

Some parents endeavour to maintain a habit to keep their children away from fluoride, erroneously believing it to be hazardous. However, one of the most functional ways to strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent cavities is to have them receive fluoride treatments. At Adelaide Dental Spa, located in Dentist Birkenhead, we recommend that your child use fluoridated toothpaste and receive fluoride treatments at least every 6 months.

Diet is Crucial:

All of the bacteria in our mouths thrive on the sugars that coat the teeth when we drink and eat. As a result, it is critical to limit your child’s exposure to sugary snacks. Feed them a variety of fruits and vegetables, which are beneficial to their teeth and overall health.

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If you would like to learn about why these habits, as well as routines, might help your child’s oral health, contact our staff at Adelaide Dental Spa in Dentist Birkenhead. We are delighted to provide further ideas and tactics for ensuring your child’s lifetime dental health, and we are also happy to assist you in scheduling an appointment with our paediatric dentist now!
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